The HAL Browser

This web-based interface makes browsing the API really easy. You can add your own OAuth tokens for testing your data as well as send custom HTTP requests such as PUT, POST, PATCH and DELETE. One of the best ways to get familiar with the data structure, the link relationships, and the Request/Response flow the API is to start here. To be clear, we did not develop this browser, it is a fork of Mike Kelly's HAL Browser. Mike is the author of the HAL media type.

View the FoxyCart hAPI HAL Browser

The Siren Browser

Similar to the HAL Browser above, we've added a fork of Kevin Swiber's Siren API Browser so you can also explore the vnd.siren+json media format our API also supports. If you intend to auto generate forms using the Siren hypermedia format, use this tool to get a feel what's possible. As with the HAL Browser above, you can add your own OAuth token. If more people show interest in using the Siren media type for FoxyCart, we'll add more actions in the future. The basics are available under the store resource. Kevin is the author of the Siren media type.

View the FoxyCart hAPI Siren Browser

Interactive Link Relationships

We built this custom visualization to give you a better feel for the link relationships within our API. In many ways, it's the API's sitemap. As with all Hypermedia APIs, these link relationships are what your client application will be coding directly to, so it's important to get familiar with what link relationships are available to you. You can click on each circle to expand or contract the relationship tree. Clicking on a link relationship directly will open that resource's documentation in a separate window.

View the Interactive Link Relationships

FoxyClient PHP

The FoxyClient is the best way to get started with building an actual application. The FoxyClient Example code should be your starting point, specifically the bootstrap file. Please see the README there to get started.Currently we demonstrate how you can work with coupons and item_categories using the API.

View the FoxyClient PHP repo

API Client Builder

The great team at FoxyTools put together this very helpful tool for quickly creating a Foxy hAPI OAuth client. You can create your OAuth client and it will return your OAuth access and refresh tokens as well as your client_id and client_secret.

View the API Client Builder

Foxy hAPI Content

We've put together some videos to demonstrate how to use these tools along with some blog posts of our journey towards building this hypermedia API. We hope you find them helpful!


Blog Posts