This resource controls all aspects of the Foxy customer portal and /s/customer endpoint. Please see the corresponding Foxy documentation for additional information on what each parameter does.

Sandbox Example

You can interact with this resource and run actions against the sandbox API via our HAL Brower.


View a customer_portal_settings
Update a customer_portal_settings (send only the properties you want to modify)
Replace a customer_portal_settings (send the entire representation)
Delete a customer_portal_settings
Get just the header response
Get a response explaining which HTTP methods are supported


Property Description Type Constraints
sessionLifespanInMinutes Life span of session in minutes. Integer Maximum 40320 (4 weeks)
allowedOrigins An array of domains. No trailing slashes, must be https unless it's localhost. Can accept a port. Array of Strings Allow up to 10 entries.
sso If this field is true we get legacy API key or sso key from store and save it in settings. For false value we drop it. Boolean true or false, 1 or 0.
jwtSharedSecret Shared secret key. Strings More than 40 and less than 100.
subscriptions Object which contains "allowFrequencyModification" and "allowNextDateModification" fields Object Subscription modification data
allowFrequencyModification An array that contains objects with jsonataQuery and values Array Max length 10 (items)
jsonataQuery A string that should be a valid JSONata( query String max length 200char
values These strings should match the sub_frequency regex sanitization. Array of Strings Max array length 20, max length per string 4 characters.
allowNextDateModification We can forbid modify subscription next date Boolean true or false, 1 or 0.
date_created The date this resource was created. Date Read only
date_modified The date this resource was last modified. Date Read only

Example Representation

    "_links": {
        "curies": [
                "name": "fx",
                "href": "{rel}",
                "templated": true
        "self": {
            "href": "https://api.foxy.test/stores/123/customer_portal_settings",
            "title": "Store Customer Portal Settings"
        "fx:store": {
            "href": "https://api.foxy.test/stores/123",
            "title": "This Store"
    "sessionLifespanInMinutes": 90,
    "allowedOrigins": [
    "subscriptions": {
        "allowFrequencyModification": [
                "jsonataQuery": "$contains(frequency, \"w\")",
                "values": [
        "allowNextDateModification": true
    "jwtSharedSecret": "ac733fbd-76c0-4cde-8a4c-5c1842e4fb9a-df5d119e-eaec-4967-9fc9-1d4414c55adb",
    "sso": true,
    "date_created": "2020-04-13T08:44:09-0700",
    "date_modified": "2020-04-13T08:46:03-0700"



Zoomable Resources

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